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What are Aubusson Rugs?

  These flat tapestry-woven carpets emerged in 1770-80, when royal support transformed the moribund mural tapestry industry of Aubusson, a town in central France, into one designed for floor coverings. Woven from cartoons executed by famous painters and destined for royalty and aristocracy, Aubusson followed styles endorsed by French monarchs. During the reign of Louis XV (1715-74), Aubusson featured brightly colored floral motifs in bouquets, baskets inset in oval-shaped garlands, and rosettes with octagons and floral garlands. Under Louis XVI (1774-92), they often exhibited crowns of flowers and leaves and ribbons on a chocolate ground. Many pieces are neoclassical in style while others feature oriental arabesques and Chinese and Turkish-inspired elements, architectural motifs, fruit and musical instruments. The Empire (1804-15)...

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How to Install a Stair Runner

How to Install a Stair Runner There aren’t many staircases that couldn’t benefit from a neutral and subtle touch  of Stitches Stair Runner. (Not to mention that a runner also protects your wooden stair treads against wear and tear from the clickety-clack of heeled shoes and little—or big—pet paws.) Since you’ve been asking for installation tips for a while now, we put together this definitive how-to for installing a stair runner. The coolest part? It’s a whole lot simpler than you might think.  What You Will Need: carpet staples hand stapler stair tool hammer utility knife measuring tape knee kicker gloves tackless How to do it: 1. To determine how long a runner you’ll need, measure the depth of the stair tread and the height...

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Choosing the right size rug for your space

You’d be surprised how much an area rug can change the décor and ambiance. When it comes to choosing a rug, size plays a critical role, and often times, in order to bring in the right size rug that will fill a space correctly, it’s going to be an investment.

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