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Dulex Champagne Rug
Dulex Champagne Rug
Dulex Champagne Rug

Dulex Champagne Rug

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Dulex Champagne Rug

Featuring the finest Bamboo Silk for luxurious shine, Aura is both ultra comfortable and sophisticated.

Bamboo Silk pairs effortlessly with surrounding décor while offering a luxurious presence of their own.


Bamboo Silk is a soft silky fiber that feels like a cloud. It is derived from the bamboo plant. It is extremely durable and has hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties.


Hand-loomed rugs are able to be created with more consistency, at a lower price. Bamboo rugs can be placed in high traffic areas and will not mat or wear down


Should you encounter a crease, it can easily be removed through the process of reverse rolling. Rotating every six months will also ensure even wear and minimize uneven sunlight exposure.



Design : Dulex
Technique : Handloomed
Material : Bamboo Silk


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4' X 6'
5'6" X 8'
8' X 10'
9' X 12'

10' X 14'

Large Rectangle

How To Remove Folds & Curls

Your new area rug has finally arrived and it is time to roll it out to display your fresh focal point to the world. After unfurling your rug you notice the corners are slightly curved due to its tightly rolled packing, but not to worry, there are many ways to remove these troublesome bends. One option is to simply lay the rug out upside down for a couple of days to allow its fibers to relax and flatten naturally. If you can't wait to display your new floor art, place a heavy object, like a book or a piece of furniture, on each corner for a couple of days to smooth out the curves. Be careful not to trip over these objects and after a few days your rug should be flush to the ground and ready to catch the eye of any visitor.