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Norfolk Stair Runner / Broadloom

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Norfolk  Stair Runner / Broadloom

Borrowed from the fashion-runways, Norfolk is a stylish floor covering for decorators seeking to add a touch of high-fashion to their home. Fashion and home design are intrinsically linked, which is why this design-forward residential carpet was crafted with a Greek Key pattern that has been popular with many clothing designers. Available in soft hues such as Navy, Moss, Teal, Flint and Dune, this meticulously woven Wilton loop pile carpet of 100% pure wool, is a high-performance foundation and is the perfect way to add a layer of visual interest to your space. While most carpets may be a commonly overlooked piece, Norfolk will serve as a base that stands out for a truly unique captivating look.

When decorating, simply pick up the hues featured in the colorway of your choice and mirror it’s mix throughout your home, use the main shade found in the carpet as your home’s anchor color. Allowing you to create a custom and stylish environment that best suits your needs, this decorative floor covering is stocked 15’ wide. Embrace the high-impact appeal of introducing Norfolk into a clean, neutral space or simply blend it with other patterns and textures for maximalist look.



Design : Norfolk
Technique : Woven Wilton 
Material : Wool


Sizes Available

SKU Size Shape

27"-41" Width 

Custom Sizes Available

15' Broadloom

Large Rectangle

Soft to the Touch

The pile height of this rug provides an ideal combination of density and performance; a dense surface that is soft to the touch and pile that holds up against foot traffic.

Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

This manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. The supplier will replace, at no charge products or parts of a product that prove defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance. This guarantee does not provide replacement necessitated by normal wear-and-tear, misuse, or accidental damage. Supplier terms and conditions apply.

Proper Set-Up & Care

Should you encounter a crease, it can be easily removed through the process of reverse rolling. Start by flipping the rug upside down and roll in both directions (length and width). While rolling the rug exert pressure where the crease is visible, this will loosen the foundation to allow the rug to lay flat. For more stubborn creases, keeping the rug rolled and tied for a few hours in a reversed position may be more effective. Occasional vacuuming will keep this rug in great condition. Use care when vacuuming; place the beater bar and brush at the highest setting as to avoid excess wear, refrain from vacuuming fringe. To ensure even wear and tear from foot traffic we advise rotating this rug every six months.