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Persian Tabriz Salari Rug handmade area rug Shop Tapis
Persian Tabriz Salari Rug handmade area rug Shop Tapis 4'8 X 7
Persian Tabriz Salari Rug handmade area rug Shop Tapis
Persian Tabriz Salari Rug handmade area rug Shop Tapis

Persian Tabriz Salari Rug

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A beautiful Persian rug that'll add warmth and colour to your living space.  





Since the 19th century, Iranian Artists used one of the three versions of vertical looms later referred to as a Tabriz Loom. This traditional style features a centre  medallion and ornate spandrels with gorgeous floral and vine scroll detail work surrounded by a complementary border. The intricate floral pattern makes this Persian Tabriz rug a stunning centrepiece. The design is call Tabriz Salari design. Rendered in variegated shades of burgundy, ivory, blue, red, and gold.
LONG LASTING - Its hand-knotted construction ensures durability and no shedding. With its beautiful colour palette and traditional design combined with a classic Persian style, this Tabriz rug takes on a curated look that feels timeless while creating an elegant design aesthetic.
STAIN RESISTANT - Easy to clean and made to last for a lifetime. Can be spot cleaned for easy maintenance
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Works such as these were made as a display of wealth, power, and sophistication. They are meant to instill a sense of the sublime in both their design and use of color. They not only show the skill of the weavers, but also that of the dye works that produced the vibrant hues. This rug uses both warm and cool colors to produce contrast and to make the various elements of the design stand out.
PILE HEIGHT - Rugs with a pile height of 1 cm, are tightly knotted and dense. Because they are durable and require light vacuuming, this height is ideal for high-traffic areas such as entryways, living rooms and dining rooms.
MATERIAL – 75% WOOL & 25% SILK   - Wool is a natural fibre that has many benefits. It offers soundproofing, it is stain resistant, also it hold 30% of the moisture so that in the summer time it is cool on your feet and in the winter time it is warm. As wool ages it looks better and wears for generations. They do not shed and they are extraordinarily durable and clean easily. Not to mention wool being an insulator as well as flame retardant and indestructible.
CONSTRUCTION – HANDKNOTTED -  The process of hand knotted, which involves hand weaving and knotting each individual strand of fibre used for these rugs. As a result of this process, the production time is much longer, which is why hand knotted rugs are often the most expensive type of rugs available, however they have the added benefit of being extremely long lasting. Hand knotted rugs are often one of a kind pieces, and can be the type of rug that is handed down through family generations.


Design : Tabriz Salari
Technique : Handknotted
Material : Wool & Silk


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4.8 X 7 Large Rectangle