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White Fluffy Faux Fur Rug
White Fluffy Faux Fur Rug
White Fluffy Faux Fur Rug

White Fluffy Faux Fur Rug

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Appealing to both glamorous and understated settings, this faux sheep rug offers a refined look that’s effortlessly impressive. Start with a metallic wall mirror, fluffy sheepskin rug, and captivating canvas print, then add an understated side table and antiqued accents for subtly luxe style. Durable, stain-resistant, and machine washable, this stylish white shag rug holds up exceptionally well to foot traffic and hours of play. 
  • High-Pile: Long fibers that feel soft, plush, and cozy.
  • Machine Washable: Fits in a regular-size washing machine.
  • Stain, Water, and Mildew Resistant
  • Hypoallergenic


The plush, approximately 1 inch pile of this area rug creates a soft and fluffy aesthetic. Since it is so plush this piece requires extra vacuuming and stain treatment making it less suitable for high traffic spaces, but with proper care, it offers cozy style and a soft lavish feel on bare feet. It is also recommended to keep this piece away from doors that need to be consistently opened and closed because it will get caught.


Power loomed using a synthetic Japanese acrylic pile, this area rug is durable, long lasting, and comfortable underfoot. Its power loomed construction also prevents virtually all shedding increasing the longevity and durability of this piece altogether. Due to its plush, approximately 1.5 inch pile height, this piece is recommended for low to medium traffic spaces. Please follow the other highlights for care instructions and other information on shag area rugs.


Powerloomed rugs are able to be created with more consistency, at a lower price. The price point of these rugs makes them ideal for updating style more frequently through the seasons.


Should you encounter a crease, it can easily be removed through the process of reverse rolling. Rotating every six months will also ensure even wear and minimize uneven sunlight exposure.


Design : Solid
Technique : Machine Loom
Material : Acrylic


Sizes Available

SKU Size Shape

4' X 6

Large Rectangle



our new area rug has finally arrived and it is time to roll it out to display your fresh focal point to the world. After unfolding your rug you notice the corners are slightly curved due to its tightly rolled packing, but not to worry, there are many ways to remove these troublesome bends. One option is to simply lay the rug out upside down for a couple of days to allow its fibers to relax and flatten naturally. If you can't wait to display your new floor art, place a heavy object, like a book or a piece of furniture, on each corner for a couple of days to smooth out the curves. Be careful not to trip over these objects and after a few days your rug should be flush to the ground and ready to catch the eye of any visitor.



Rug pads will protect your floor from possible scratches. Rug pads can be used for rugs on wooden floors, as well as tile, carpet, stone, and many other types of flooring.