25 Durable & Stain Resistant Rugs for Every Budget

Granite rug

25 Durable & Stain Resistant Rugs for Every Budget

Ton of awesome splurge deals on Tapis Rugs & Carpet  and we've rounded up the best of the best so you don't have to scour each and every section of the site. 

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1. A statement rug can change up the entire aesthetic of your house, or 'rugnovate' it.


Promising Review: "We are very happy with the rug . The colours are what we expected. It was rolled tight but lays flat after 24 hrs.John L.



Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $3,055 (6' x 9') @ checkout. Available in 2 sizes.



2.  Amp up the style factor of your space with some design! You can do so with this abstract rug 

Promising Review: "Love this rug. Feel in love with it in the showroom when I placed my swatches on it. This rug is beautiful and high quality.Paulina

Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $245 (2' x 3') @ checkout. Available in 10 sizes.


3. This geometric design that seamless tone-on-tone and will give your house a contemporary feel 

Malibu Rug


Promising Review: "Love this rug. Feel in love with it in the showroom when I placed my swatches on it. This rug is beautiful and high quality.Paulina 


Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $299 (4' x 6'). Available in 3 sizes. 

4. Introduce elegance to the room with this Soho Rug


Promising Review: "Love this rug. Feel in love with it in the showroom when I placed my swatches on it. This rug is beautiful and high quality.Paulina



Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $139 (3' x 5'). Available in 7 sizes.


5.  Or this vintage-style carpet to bring in a pop of colour and vitality. It's great for both casual and formal decor 

Promising Review: "

Beautiful rich thick carpet. Wonderful colour and super fast delivery. Best of all a very low price. Very pleased with my purchase.Julie

Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $899 (6'6 x 9'6). Available in 5 sizes. 



6. This artisan crafted rug that gives a rich texture contemporary look


Promising review: "Love this rug! exactly what i was looking for. Its a light champagne shade with a sheen. Great quality." —Vanessa

Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $599 (4' x 6'). Available in 5 sizes.


7. This Ocean blue rug is the calming, relaxing piece your living area is missing...


Promising Review: "Really pretty soft rug that looks great in my living room :) went perfectly with my grey/ blue couches. Bought a nice rug pad to go under so very happy with this purchase." Bruce G

Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $1300 (6' x 9'). Available in 4 sizes.


8.  This chevron design that will look great in any contemporary home.  



Promising Review: "Very happy. Looks gorgeous." —Robin J.


Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $855+ (6' x 9') at checkout. Available in 3 sizes.



9. This cloud rug is the airy and calming, relaxing piece your interior is missing... 



Promising Review: 

"Took a picture of the rug in the sun so that I can get a true sense of the colors. The rug is beautiful and looks much nicer than the pictures. A great blend and no one color over powering the other. It feels soo soft and I just Love it. It will work great in my space. I was very nervous to purchase an abstract rug online without physically seeing it, but I am happy that I did take the chance and I am very happy with my purchase. I am currently renovating and I am excited to decorate my space with this rug. I totally recommend this rug!"Natifa.


Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $750+ (4' x 6') . Available in 6 sizes.



10. This Distressed Oriental Design that has enough detailing to add some flair to any room: 


Promising Review: "

Very pleased with this purchase! I couldn't wait to unroll and place in my great room. Simply beautiful. The pattern is vintage (my style is a mix and it's exactly what I wanted) and the gray adds warmth. I literally just unpackaged and took these photos, so the corners haven't completely laid flat. The pile is not very high, but still feels thick and well made. The price is unbelievable. I love it!."Serina C.


Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $199+ (5' x 7') . Available in 4 sizes.



11. This Flat-Weave is pet & kid friendly with it's durable touch of sophistication you can rely on for your space...  


Promising Review: Beautiful plush rug, good quality. Very neutral and harmonizing in the room." -Ryan N.


Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $648+ (6'x 9'). Available in 2 sizes 



12. This Transitional rug will add soul to your home...

Promising review: 

"this has been a wonderful rug! Nice color, good quality, and my dog loves it." —Bethany


Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $4800+ (8' x 10') . Available in 3 sizes.



13.  This Natural wool piece is perfect for a simple, minimalist look.



Promising review: "Beautiful silk-like look and texture I saw this exact rug in the store at double the price. Beautiful feel with many shades of charcoal within. I would recommend putting a pad underneath. Im very happy with my purchase." —Rosanne



Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $430 (4' x 6'). Available in 6 sizes.



14. This gorgeous and elegant handknotted rug that will soon become the statement piece of whichever room you put it up in


Promising Review: "Love this rug. Feel in love with it in the showroom when I placed my swatches on it. This rug is beautiful and high quality.Paulina



Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $4,850 (8' x 10'). Available in 2 sizes.



15.This waterfall blue rug is the calming, relaxing piece your interior area is missing...

Promising Review: "Love this rug. Feel in love with it in the showroom when I placed my swatches on it. This rug is beautiful and high quality.Paulina



Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $1,900 (5'5 x 8'5). Available in 2 sizes.



16. This rug is the perfect foundation for your more traditional, chic spaces... 


Promising review: 

"The rug was rolled and packaged in a waterproof type material on the outside, with a heavy plastic covering on the inside. Very well-protected from dirt and moisture. One thing I researched about quality rugs said to look for the pattern to show up on the back side of the rug. This shows the rug is woven and the fibers are not glued down. The pattern shows up perfectly on the underside of this rug. The colours are lovely and the feel of the fibers under your feet is so soft which you would expect with a handknotted wool rug. Very tightly knotted, too. This is a very nice quality rug." —Rita.



Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $949+ (4' x 6') . Available in 4 sizes.


17.  This rustic heritage rug that will tie all your decor together. 


Promising review: "Love the quality of this rug! The body is a light grey/ taupe with accents of an ice blue. My room is complete!" —Jenn M.



Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $199 (5' x 7'). Available in 3 sizes.


18. This textured, shed-free masterpiece that's basically a work of art you can step on.

 Sari Silk Red Rug


 Sari Silk Red Rug



Review: "Exceeded expectations, superior quality, great feel to the hand and nice size. My cats love it just as much. Absolutely would recommend it!Eva T.


Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $125+ (4' x 6') . Available in 4 sizes and three colors blue beige and red .



19. This New Vintage Rug gives your room soul...

Promising review: 

"Beautiful silk rug. The colors are ivory, grey and subtle gold. Makes my room pop and the price for a silk rug is amazing!" —Kelly




Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $3,900+ (8' x 10') . Available in 4 different sizes.



20.  Over 50% off a Persian Tribal rug that will almost convince you you're quarantining at a sprawling Montana ranch  



 Khal Mohammadi rug




Promising reviews: "This is a very nice rug and looks much more expensive than it cost. I have had many compliments on it." —Charlene




Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet . Available for $549+ (5'9" x 8'6").  



21. A vibrant rug so you can instantly add a whole lot of joy-inducing colour to your space without going out and buying all new everything.



Promising review:  

"I LOVE THIS RUG!! It is the perfect combination of colours to allow for a variety of furniture colours. I would buy this rug 10 times again if needed because I love it that much. Recommend!" —Caitlyn



Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet . Available for $1,080 (5'2 X 7'5) Available in 5 sizes.



22. This abstract rug is soft yet durable touch of sophistication you can rely on for your space...





Promising review: 

"Gorgeous rug. Soft and simple elegance but with enough gradient to stand out! I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. It suits my family room soo well!  ." —Maria.




Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $2,370+ (6' x 9') . Available in 5 sizes.



23.  50% off a slightly more understated rug if ~minimalism~ is more your style.



 Promising reviews:

"I just got the rug down and it's the perfect size and the design is definitely there but not too bold. I love it so much. If you are unsure, don't be. This rug is great and totally worth the price. It is thin but that is what I wanted! Tapis team offered a thicker under pad if I wanted it to have a cushion. They were great help!" — Ashley J.

Price: $697+ (originally $1,395+; available in 2 sizes)

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24.  This Moroccan rug that warmth & comfort to any room:




Promising Review: "

Very professional product from a very professional company! Extremely happy with the cashmere wool Moroccan rug! So soft like walking on a cloud.LOVE IT!!!! Thank you Tapis!!"Denis S.



Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $1485+ (6' x 9') . Available in 3 sizes.







 25.  This rug is a stylish yet dependable rug perfect for a variety of different spaces...



Promising Review: "

This rug is WONDERFUL! It arrived quickly (ahead of schedule), came packaged well, and was easy to get placed in the room. There was no smell and the weave was consistent and beautiful. So happy with this purchase — the rug looks almost exactly like one I was considering at Restoration Hardware, but at less than half the price. I HIGHLY recommend! 




Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $1435 (6' x 9'). Available in 5 sizes.




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