Learn more about our products and how they are made. Here at Tapis, we are transparent with our customers, and above all value quality of material and if they are ethically sourced.


This natural fibre that has many benefits. It offers soundproofing, it is stain resistant, also it hold 30% of the moisture so that in the summer time it is cool on your feet and in the winter time it is warm. As wool ages it looks better and wears for generations.

Bamboo Silk

With the same exquisite finish as traditional silk, bamboo silk is 100% renewable and is considered a luxurious alternative to traditional silks made from silkworms. Made from the stalks of bamboo, bamboo silk is durable, cool to the touch and can be easily blended with other fibres. See our Modern collection made from a luxurious mix of bamboo silk and Tibetan wool.


The smooth, feel of silk is anti-bacterial plus it naturally breathes well and is hypoallergenic. These fibers are the most durable for carpet weaving. They do not shed and they are extraordinarily durable and clean easily.

New Zealand Wool

The wool is whiter than other wools, and the significant color depth allows further colors to be dyed like clean pastel shades and deeper blacks. New Zealand wool is 100% natural and renewable with each sheep growing a new fleece every year. It is biodegradable, recyclable and has essential nutrients beneficial for plant life. A naturally resilient material, New Zealand wool bounces back, reducing flattening and wear of your custom rug.