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Not all rugs are created equal(ly)! Construction has a lot to do with the price of a rug because it will tell you how long it took to make and possibly how long it will last. The terms “hand-knotted” and “hand-tufted” are thrown around a lot, so it’s helpful to know what they mean. No matter how a rug is constructed, there are still BEAUTIFUL versions of it. See below! Hand Knotted Hand knotting is the most labour-intensive of rug constructions. In the hands of master weavers, this technique can produce works of art unparalleled in detail and beauty. In a knotted rug, tiny threads are tied onto the warp, creating the pattern or design. The weft threads anchor and...

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Come to the dark side — for black is indeed trending, beyond its role as a timeless standard. Homeowners are gaining new confidence with its use, most notably and boldly on exteriors, testing black’s powers of sophistication, modernity, minimalism and seduction.

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Choosing the right rug for the room

For a living room to feel pulled together, most designers will tell you, it needs a rug. But rugs can be expensive. And because a large-scale item like that is going to have a big effect on the way a room looks and feels, choosing one can be intimidating. The right rug may live in your home for decades. The wrong rug will serve as a daily reminder of the money you wasted — and the money you’ll have to spend if you want to replace it. And getting it wrong is all too easy, given the range of materials, colors, patterns and sizes available. Finding the ideal rug, observed the New York-based interior designer Celerie Kemble, is a “complicated puzzle.”...

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