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5 Reasons to Own a Rug

5 Reasons to Own a Rug   1) To Add Comfort and Warmth to the Room   2) To Cover Imperfections 3) To Protect your Flooring and Furniture   4) To Muffle Sounds   5) To Tie the Room Together

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Tricks and Advice about maintaining a stylist home with pets

Sharing your home with a dog or cat has many joys and also disappointments: among them scratched floors , chewed sofas and table legs and soiled rugs. Designer and author Susanna Salk believes it is possible to live stylishly and practically with pets.  She answered a few questions with her ideas for protecting rugs and furniture  while making dogs and cats feel welcome: What's the easier way to clean dog drool? I live for cloth wipes. I either wet them slightly first or use them to wipe after then I throw them in the wash. What type of rug will stand up to cat scratching and fur ball vomit? I like soft-pile rugs with a bold design and colour that...

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