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Rug Care


Vacuum without beater and rotate the rug annually.

For Dry Spot; remove residue immediately by scraping carefully along the direction of the pile.

For Wet spots; immediately, absorb all excess liquid and paper towels.

With a clean damp sponge add 1/2 teaspoon of mild detergent and gently massage stained area, it should remove spillage.

*If the recommended procedure is not effective call Tapis for our professional cleaning services.



Minor shedding is natural and expected of natural fiber rugs, however excessive shedding in high-quality rugs will decrease within 4-6 months.

A high-quality rug pad under your carpet can reduce surface friction that can cause excessive shedding.

Vacuum a new rug once a week for the first few weeks using a low-pressure vacuum without beater bars.

Vacuum a the direction of the pile, not against it. 

If these are loose ends; simply clip with scissors to remove instead of pulling.



Packing and shipping of your rug may cause temporary creases or kinks in your new area rug or runner.

Ways to flatten and remove creases:

  • Backing-rolling or reverse rolling is the fastest and easiest way to remove creases in your area rug
  • Use a rug pad under your rug to protect heavy furniture to avoid flattening the pile
  • Allow ample time for your rug to settle; these creases and waves will flatten-out on their own