What is the best quality rug for a modern room?

Contemporary designs often feature naturalistic and abstract patterns. The best quality rugs are hand-knotted wool & silk, stands the test of time and high traffic areas.


These rugs are typically Tibetan and or Nepalese quality.

Below you will find little more about them...

Tibetan / Nepalese carpet weaving in the Himalayan region is known to an age-old tradition practice. Mainly vivid hues, simple designs, and a fine weave. 

Following China's suppression of Tibetan nationalism in 1959, many of its citizens settled in Nepal, where they established carpet industries whose products were exported to Europe beginning in the mid-1970s. Tibetan rugs --mainly finely woven pieces with stylized patterns--began to emerge in North America in the 1980s.

Tibetan carpets have become highly sophisticated in quality. Materials including wool, silk, hemp, and nettle are often used in Tibetan rugs. Lustrous Tibetan wool with its high lanolin content is often hand carded and hand spun and distinguishes these rugs in the marketplace.

Tibetans are generally borderless, without visible fringe, and range from being monochromatic to featuring impressionistic patterns. It is possible to order a rug of virtually any color, design, texture or size thanks to Nepal's unique approach to customizing rugs to client demand. Many Tibetan collections have been created by today's most prestigious interior designers for use in contemporary interiors.


Below are images of Tibetan / Nepalese quality modern rugs.


Seafoam modern rug

Seafoam Rug is handknotted made of wool & Silk and available in 8'x10'


Amethyst Rug

Amethyst Mineral Rug is handknotted and made of wool & Silk. Available in 8'x10'


Adriatic Rug is Handknotted made of Wool & Silk and available in 8'x10'