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Everything you need to know about Tabriz Rugs

Probably first produced in the Middles Ages, abriz rugs exemplify Persia's city-weave tradition and their designs still are the genesis for patterns reproduced today.   Situated in northwest Iran on an ancient trade route to the Black Sea and Caucasus, the city of Tabriz was Persia's first capital under the Sefavid dynasty (1502-1736) when court weaving flourished along with calligraphy, miniature painting, and tilework. Together with Kashan, Kirman, and Isfahan, Tabriz became one of Persia's most reputed weaving centers. The rug export boomed to the West originated in Tabriz in the 1850's where foreign-owned establishments were built. Among the first special-order carpets tailored to European and U.S. demand, nineteenth-century Tabrizes were often comissioned in the large sizes in an impressive variety of...

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