Top 10 Colour of the Year 2022 Rugs

Here are the top 10 rugs to choose in very Peri Pantone's colour of the year 2022


Your complete guide to all Very Peri colour tones this year. Put your comfiest sweatpants on and get that trigger finger ready: all the biggest discounts are happening online.

Tapis Rugs and Carpet are holding some serious discount, meaning supporting local is just a click away.

Here's a  round up of some of the Best choices for affordable quality rugs so far.


1. This rug is a perfect marriage between Vintage and Modern which is the perfect decor in any room


Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $4500 (8' x 10'). Only 1 left!!


2. This abstract rug that will look great in any room. 

Tapis' Sandstone Rug


Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $2,160 (6' x 9') .


3. This striped rug will tie in all the furniture in a room together making any room look classic.




Promising Review:  "Gorgeous rug. Even nicer in person. Does really nicely with our gray and ivory color scheme. Quality is fantastic, wound up buying another!" - Max


Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $930+ (6' x 9'). Available in 4 sizes.


4. This Jewelled-Toned rug brings sophistication to any room.



Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $1,122+ (8' x 11'). Available in 6 sizes.


5. This Fun and Simple rug is perfect for spicing up any room subtly.



Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $167+ (4'x 6'). Available in 5 sizes  


6. This wool rug is a stylish yet dependable rug perfect for any room


Promising Review: "Perfect in front of french doors that my 5 greyhounds use to traipse in and out of.Robert S.


Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $1,530 (8' x 10'). Available in 3 sizes.


7.  This hand knotted rug is the perfect interior decor piece to make any room stand out.




Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $2,100 (9' x 12').  


 8. This artisan crafted rug that gives a rich transitional look.



Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  for $2,600 (8' x 10').


9.  This rustic stair runner that will tie all your decor together. 





Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet  custom prices for custom sizes when contacted.


10. This mineral rug is easy to maintain.




Get it from Tapis Rugs & Carpet for $8,400 (9' x 12') .




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