What are Transitional area rugs?

What are Transitional area rugs?

Unlike all previous rug types presented in this volume, transitional rugs are mainly of recent vintage. The latest in rug design trends, they integrate classic and contemporary elements in the same piece. Their patterns are generally based on featured of antique rugs specifically Persian rugs.

Decorative motifs are also often inspired by antique textiles, such as brocades and adapted to the rug medium. Colors are chosen from all across the spectrum purely for decorative impact. As with most newly produced rugs, designs and colours are generally produced in a number of colorways and sizes, allowing for easier selection. 

Custom designs and colorations are also often available. Transitional rugs are hand-knotted, flatwoven or executed in a combination of pile and flateweave, or "high-low" textures. They are handwoven with a wide variety of materials including wool, silk, cotton, bamboo silk and often in combination. Such versatility of texture creates a virtually limitless range of possibility for these handcrafted products--a rug featuring the same color and design scheme will wield a dramatically different impact when hand-knotted in wool than when executed in high & low pile wool and silk for instance. Transitional rugs of the highest quality materials, dyes are vegetable and are the most sough after.


While they generally feature antique elements, transitional rugs exude a distinctly modern fair. Characterized by an open and non-period-specific look, they coordinate equally well with traditional or contemporary decor.

Below are a few of our favourite transitional pieces... 


Chobi Nuit Mystic Rug, hand-knotted made of 100% Wool

Available: 8' x 10'




Erase Iridescence Silk Flower Rug. Handknotted Wool & Silk

Available: 8' x 10'

Erase Dome Rug. Handknotted made of Wool & Bamboo Silk

Available: 9' x 12' , 10' x 14'