How To Choose A Rug

Choosing the right size rug for any room can be overwhelming. What size should you get? How should you lay out the furniture? What can you do to maximize your space? The size of your room, furniture layout and how you use the room are the key things to consider.

Steps To Choosing The Right Rug

STEP 1: Measure The Room

In an open concept, how do you want traffic to flow from one end to the other? What activities do you enjoy in the space, and is there a specific area you designate for those things? With a large open space, you might want multiple rugs for different areas, with space between them where people would walk through the room. A smaller room might require a single rug, meaning your rug will have to bear up under more foot traffic.

Step 2: Take Pictures

At Tapis, our staff are specialized in interior decorating and can assist with your rug needs. A picture of your room will give a visual sense of your space. You might even put down masking tape outlines of where you think the rug should go.

Step 3: Think about shapes

Just because the default for most rugs is rectangular, that doesn’t mean you can’t branch out. A dining room set might work well on top of an oval shaped rug. Your bedroom arrangement might lend itself to rug runners — particularly if you have twin beds with a space between them. And a sitting area might make a more dynamic statement with a large circular rug, since you won’t be as concerned with overlap in that context.

Step 4: "One size bigger" always wins

Just remember: it’s never a bad idea to “go big” in picking a rug, as long as it fits inside the room. A small rug can make furniture look awkward and ill-placed. A large rug makes the space more welcoming, and provides more flexibility for arranging the rest of the room’s elements.

Styling Tips

Living Room

For larger rooms, it is best to size the rug so that all furniture is on the rug. For smaller rooms, use a rug size that allows all furniture to be off the rug or only the front legs on the rug.

Dining Room

Leave 18-24 inches of rug on all sides, for chairs to get pushed back. Rug should be sized to fit the room, not the table.

Bed Room

Make sure there are at least 18 inches of rug on either side of any beds, to step onto. Beds represented in queen and twin size.