From the most current data, Benjamin Moor colour and design experts found 30% increase in the usage of blacks for interior and exterior use. “What was really interesting , the No. 1 and No. 2 blacks were actually a really deep grey. But in the recent report, the No. 1 colour in blacks was just pure black.”

In other words, homeowners aren’t fooling around. They’re going for it, also choosing such inky shades as “Midnight Oil,” which in 2017 didn’t even make Benjamin Moore’s top 25 black hues. This year, it jumped to one of the top-selling blacks, and it wasn’t a colour that they were actively promoting.

Colour and design experts say it speaks to how confident people are in using those really deep, true blacks.

Black homes have been cropping up in Venice and Silver Lake, areas considered to be more architecturally progressive, but they can also be found elsewhere in Los Angeles, according to designers and real estate agents.


And yet, a black home can recede and even appear to vanish. For all its drama and power, black is forever mysterious — a color (if we must call it that) that, quite simply, eats light.

Resistance is futile, come to the dark side — for black is indeed trending, beyond its role as a timeless standard. Homeowners are gaining new confidence with its use, most notably and boldly on exteriors, testing black’s powers of sophistication, modernity, minimalism and seduction.

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